whole wheat flour — 1/2 cup

all-purpose white flour — 1/2 cup

baking powder — 1 tablespoon 

salt — 1/4 teaspoon 

nondairy milk — 1 cup

canola or olive oil — 2 tablespoons 

agave nectar (see options) — 3 tablespoons 


1. Get nonstick skillet heating to medium high. Combine and mix dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Add liquid ingredients; stir to get most of the lumps out. (The batter might seem thin but don't worry, the pancakes rise.)

2. Pour onto hot skillet into four-inch circles. Cook for a few minutes on one side, flip with a spatula and cook for a few more minutes on other side. Serve with maple syrup on top.


1. Instead of agave nectar, you can use other liquid sweeteners such as maple syrup or apple juice concentrate. We use agave because it's simply the main sweetener at our house, for use atop breakfast cereal and in coffee/tea.

2. Other ingredients you can add — At the end of mixing up the better, you can add blueberries, raisins, chocolate chips, cinnamon, a mashed banana, pecans or anything else that sounds yummy in pancakes.


This recipe is strongly based on Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's recipe in "The Joy of Vegan Baking".