French toast



Soy or almond milk — 1  to 1 1/2 cups

Flour — 2 tablespoons

Nutritional yeast — 1 tablespoon

Sweetener — 1 teaspoon (this can be sugar, agave nectar, whatever sweetener you prefer)

Cinnamon — 1 teaspoon

Bread — 6 to 10 slices

Nondairy butter such as Earth Balance Buttery Spread


In a large bowl, mix everything vigorously (except the bread and nondairy butter!). A whisk works best but a fork will do. Heat your skillet (non-stick preferred) to a pretty high temperature. While it’s heating up, butter the bread on both sides. Dip the buttered bread in the batter. I usually flip it over in the batter on both sides four or five times because the butter makes it harder for the batter to soak in. Put the soaked bread on the skillet. Let it fry for a few minutes (until browned) then flip it over for another couple minutes. Serve with maple syrup or jam on top.


The amount of milk depends on how many slices of bread you're using or how much liquid the bread you're using can soak up. We typically use six slices but some types of bread, such as a good sourdough, will soak it all up while a mainstream wheat bread will only soak up half.

This is a good way to use up stale bread. This is much better with bread that's more dense — light bread like Wonder just gets mushy. If you use rolls or really thick bread, you will want to cook it longer on each side or the inside can be mushy.