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Who we are

CockadoodleMoo Farm Animal Sanctuary just north of Reno, Nevada is a small 501(c)3 operation that provides a lifetime home for abused and rescued farm animals, plus care and protection for wild animals who share our beautiful canyon. 501(c)3 just means that any donations you help us with are tax deductible. It is run by two unpaid volunteers. 100% of donations go to care and feeding of animals.

We are unable to take animals at this time

We are full up, although occasionally we may be able to take an individual female chicken. Feel free to email us through the contact form in case we know of other options. 

If you are seeking animals to adopt

We do not adopt out animals. Everyone who comes here, stays for life. But we often get requests for us to take animals who we are unable to help. If you'd like, you can email us and we can keep your contact info and let you know when someone has an animal you are seeking. We will not pass along your info; instead, we will pass along the info of the people seeking to place an animal to you. 


We can use volunteer help from about May through October. There is no shortage of tasks we could use help with. We have things that extra strong folks can help with and things that the not-so-physically-able would be great at. Just email us that you'd like to come out. 

Saturdays and Sundays are best. Wear clothes and shoes/boots that can get dirty. Avoid wearing red or orange because the turkeys and donkeys won't be as friendly. We can provide work gloves or bring your own. If you bring food, we ask that out of respect for the animals here, it be vegan.

Here are some of the things we can always use help with:

• fence and shelter maintenance and expansion

• prep for winter and summer

• assisting with health checks

• cleaning food dishes and refilling water

• painting

• clearing fire dangers around pens (weeds, brush, downed limbs)

Visiting us

The sanctuary's pens and layout aren't particularly visitor-friendly or child-friendly — and especially aren't during the muddy winters. Instead, they are designed for maximum benefit of those living in them. We are happy to show you around on a Saturday or Sunday, but please know that it is not a petting zoo.

Where we get the animals

We work with other rescue groups and animal control when they come across farm animals in need. There are currently no other rescue groups that take farm animals for miles in every direction. We've taken animals who were victims in criminal abuse cases, who were abandoned by the sides of the roads, who were dumped on the doorsteps of shelters, who were homeless and destined for euthanasia or slaughter, and who were found unadoptable by other groups. We also sometimes accept animals from individuals who can no longer care for them.

What happens when they get here

When an animal arrives, he or she gets a complete physical exam and is generally put in a temporary isolation pen to make sure they don't have any illnesses that could be spread to the other residents. If sick or injured (and they often are), they are cared for until healed as well as possible. Then they are introduced to others of their species. If they can't live with others, we figure out something else, such as a solo pen or pen within a pen. Finally, we try our best to give them a fulfilling life that fits who they are. If they're chickens, that means dirt to bathe in and room to peck around in. If they're goats, that means things to climb and head-butt. If they're donkeys, that means places to graze and run. If they're rabbits, that means tunnels to hide in and dirt to dig in. If they're pigs, that's mud and water to chill in. We are always working on ways to improve their lives as time and money permits.

Who lives here — and who doesn't (yet!) 

Because we're a two-person operation that's relatively new (we started in 2007), we are limited in the numbers of animals we can take and the variety. Currently we have donkeys, goats, rabbits, chickens (hens and roosters), turkeys, pigs, special-needs cats and dogs. 

Our philosophy

We believe animals — human and nonhuman — are individuals whose lives have value to themselves and who have their own preferences, desires and unique personalities. We don't believe we should inflict violence upon them. The first step toward living this belief is to go vegan. There's an abundance of wonderful food and clothes for which no animals were intentionally hurt or killed. Think of all you can have instead of what you can't and you'll be surprised how easy it is — and you'll experience the peace of your actions and values being in sync. 

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